Over the course of the last few years, SPC’s experts have developed a solid experience in consulting and public relations, in positioning of organizations, business, projectdevelopment, and in audiovisual, graphic, digital and written media production.
This has brought them a sharp expertise in the following fields:

  • affaire-gouvernementale

    Governmental Affairs

    • Identification of contacts and decision-makers.
    • Analysis of existing legislation.
    • Appropriation, internalization and knowledge of the main subject.
    • Public opinion mobilization.
    • Preparation for parliamentary committees or such.
  • serv1

    Communications Audit

    • Analysis of the institution's image or development project.
    • Perception survey.
    • Analysis of strategies and available means of communication.
    • Outcome and recommendations.
  • communication-financiere

    Financial Communication

    • Media outreach.
    • Drafting of quarterly reports.
    • Annual report coordination and production.
    • Yearly shareholder meetings organization.
  • comunication-interne

    Internal Communication

    • Strategic planning.
    • Change management.
    • Motivational tools.
  • serv2

    Strategic Planning of External Communications

    • Identification of needs, goals, environment and target audiences.
    • Analysis of the situation and development of a contingency plan.
    • Carrying out that plan and strategic communication activities.
  • serv4

    Crisis Prevention and Management

    • Preventionof potential crises.
    • Communication planningin crisis situations.
    • Consulting services and direct assistance in crisis situations.
    • Post-crisis planningand management.
  • redaction-de-discour

    Speech Drafting and Press Relations

    • Press conference, interview booklet and press tours management and organization.
    • Structure and content of press kits.
    • Preparation and planning of editorial meetings.
    • Drafting speeches.
  • revue-et-analyse

    Press Review and Analysis

    • Collection and evaluation of media stories and articles.
    • Recommendation for follow-up after media analysis.
    • Development of content and retorts, if necessary.